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Iron Coated Sand Production Line 

Introduction: Manufacture diameter: Φ50mm-130mm 

This production line is out of water which can get rid of pores and powder in products and greatly improve the quality. High tempreture melted iron, low tempreture to casting, the products suddenly chilling which make the internal organization of cast ball are more compact, which is the most advanced technology in the world.

Automatic Sand Production Line

Manufacture diameter: Φ10mm-40mm

Introduction: With high technology and automatic capability, the whole operation process are totally controled by computer, which greatly reduce the arbitrary existing in traditional labor operation and improvement products' quality. 

Automatic Production Line of Heat Treatment 

Introduction: Heat treatment is the most important procudure to guarantee the quality and increase the hardness.  

 Our company have developed the automatic heat treatment production lines by ourselves which can control the temperature at any time in the course of quenching. For different diameter to match the perfect temperature and time to quenching, thus to obtain the matrix structure we need. 

The Process of Oil Quenching


Introduction: After heat treatment, the difference of surface and core hardness of our high chrome balls is less than 1 HRC, which make the products have a very stable using effects in the using process, keep the higher wear resistance and lower breakage.

Constant Tempreture Pouring Container


Introduction: We completely adopt the pouring process of the balanced-temperature pouring container, with the height of 10cm pouring curve, it can insure the pouring occurs at a certain balanced temperature which can reduce the loss of heat, thus the stability of product can be guranteed.

Injection molding machine

Melting Furnaces

Tempering Furnaces and corollary equipment

Regenerative processing system of foundry sand


Introduction: Improve the environment of factory, reduce the dust, at the same time save the energy.