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1. High-temperature heat smelting
Our company used high-temperature heat smelting for high chrome ball and set the melting temperature over 1580 degrees, which can remove the dross in the molten iron effectively and increase the purity of molten iron, which made crystallization structure of the sphere become denser, more antiwear, doesn't easy to broken and lost round.
2. Constant temperature pouring
Products are produced by automatic production line, used high-temperature heat smelting and constant temperature pouring. Constant temperature pouring is achieved after high-temperature heat to prevent the influence of environment temperature on the pouring temperature and ensure high-temperature heat and pouring at the same constant temperature and the stability of the batch products. We have no doubt that constant temperature pouring would be realized only by automatic production lines, all the products in the bidding will produce by automatic production line.

3. No hydration production technology
Products are produced by automatic production lines. Used resin sand coated on the metal mold, improved the ratio of iron-carbon preferable from the angle of heat treatment and adapted to the quenching fully. Which is the world's most advanced technological process. One is use no water technology, which can remove casting defects such as moisture, pore, slag inclusion and so on; the other is enhanced the liquidity of molten iron and retained the original quench process fully, molten iron will chill after high temperature, which made cast ball grain fined and crystallization structure become denser.

4. Quenching and local hardening technology

Used quenching technology will make cast ball grain finer, crystallization structure denser and enhance tenacity and tenacity. At the same time used local hardening technology which have an effect of hardening for the parts under impact and abrade of steel ball. Which made crystallization structure finer and denser and chrome-containing carbides lined by a layer of radiating arranged, that will constantly form hard layer in the process of grinding, which improve the toughness and hardness of product. 
5. Oil quenching equipment and technology instructions
Heat treatment process is a very important process to ensure and improve the quality of products. Tenderer used the best facilities in Chinaand control quenching temperature at any time by infrared thermometer. Used different temperature control and time control to ensure steel ball burn and quench thoroughly for different specifications of steel ball. The surface hardness and core hardness should control within 0.5 HRC, which will make steel ball have good wear-resisting and not changeful form so that it can increase the steel ball grinding force effectively and improve output.
6. Quality assurance system
Established a perfect quality assurance system, Company can organise production strictly according to ISO9001:2008( quality control system standard), quality management and control strictly CNASCL 01(testing and calibration laboratory accreditation criteria) and product quality supervision and inspection throughout the entire process: each process had set up a full-time qualitative check member to supervision and control, specification to implement workshop self-inspection, quality inspection division sampling and final inspection testing center from raw materials into import to product leave the factory. Ensured the quality of product and met the needs of clients by all-around monitoring.