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Influence of Steel Ball Density on Grinding Effect

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The higher the specific gravity of high-chromium steel balls, the better the grinding effect. The same chromium content and the same hardness. The quality of the steel balls will also be different. In the beneficiation operation, the steel balls have a great influence on the grinding. Good steel The ball will achieve a good grinding effect, and the poor steel ball will even seriously affect the grinding efficiency. For grinding balls of the same specification, the greater the specific gravity (ie density), the better the grinding effect.

The first is the influence of the material. There are different materials in the wear-resistant steel ball, such as steel, cast iron, alloy steel, etc., the density of the different materials is different, where the density of steel is greater than the density of cast iron, alloy steel according to its main The density and content of alloy elements are different, so in high-chromium steel balls, the more scrap steel used, the better the effect.

Due to the influence of the metallographic structure of the steel ball, martensite, austenite, bainite, ferrite and other different crystal structures have different densities.

Therefore, when we choose steel balls, the majority of steel ball users should know that they are also high-chromium steel balls with the same chromium content and the same hardness, and the quality of the steel balls will be different.

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